How to rent your Symphony breast pump

There are multiple reasons why to rent a pump. Maybe your baby cannot breastfeed effectively yet, or you and your little one are temporarily separated. If breastfeeding is not an option, electric double pumping with a hospital-grade pump is always the best alternative to ensure you have enough milk for your baby. Here is all you need to know about renting our Symphony breast pump for home use.

Why rent a hospital grade pump

There are many individual situations where renting a hospital-grade pump like Symphony can be a big help:   

  • Maybe your baby cannot feed effectively (yet) and you need a pump to support you with activating and building a good milk supply. Symphony is the only pump with a research-based program to specifically support you when your milk supply is not established yet. 

  • You might be separated from your baby and need to pump regularly to build and maintain your milk supply to make sure your baby can still get all the goodness of your milk. A hospital-grade pump like Symphony is designed for extended use and heavy duty pumping. 

  • You could be facing breastfeeding issues, such as nipple soreness or mastitis, that temporarily prevent you from feeding directly at the breast. A hospital-grade pump is always the best option to help you overcome medical challenges. 

  • Or you simply prefer to rent a pump instead of or before buying one for your personal use.

When renting, a hospital-grade multi-user breast pump like Symphony is the only pump safe to use for multiple mums. 

If you are looking to buy your own personal use pump, consider one of Symphony´s portable “little sisters”

Why Symphony is the right rental pump for you

Symphony is a hospital-grade, multi-user electric breast pump, based on extensive clinical research. It is the standard of care in most hospitals and a favourite of midwives and lactation consultants all over the world.  

Most importantly, it is designed to support you throughout your whole breastfeeding journey, offering the right support at the time you need it: 

  • 2 research-based programs… 
    While INITIATE is the right program for the first hours and days after giving birth, MAINTAIN takes over from when your milk comes in.  

  • ..mimicking your baby´s natural sucking… 
    Both programs simulate the natural sucking pattern of your baby – INITIATE the irregular stimulating rhythm of a newborn during the first days of lactation, MAINTAIN the sucking of a healthy baby during established lactation. 

  • .. for more milk when your baby needs it most.  
    Starting with INITIATE in the first days has shown to deliver significantly more milk over the first 14 days compared to starting with standard pumping programs.

How to rent a Symphony breast pump?

Where to rent Symphony?

How much does it cost to rent a pump?

For how long should I rent a breast pump for?

There is no general answer to this as each breastfeeding journey is different and a very individual experience. What is important to know, is that Symphony can accompany you throughout your whole breastfeeding journey should you and your baby need it! 

For any advice on your breastfeeding and pumping journey, please always contact your healthcare professional.  

For any questions regarding extending your loan you can also contact Medela customer service directly: ( phone number/email/ ..) 

5 Golden rules of pumping

  1. Always use the correct breast shield size for successful and comfortable pumping! 

  2. Always double pump (both breasts at the same time). Double pumping is proven to yield more milk with a higher energy content than if you were to pump each breast separately. 

  3. Always pump in the correct pumping program.  

  4. Always make sure you pump at your Maximum Comfort Vacuum

  5. Pumping should never hurt! If you experience any pain while pumping, please contact the healthcare professional near you. 

  6. For an easy step-by-step guide to using your rented Symphony breast pump look no further and start pumping here 

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